Kidgames Gomoku 17 for Android

Kidgames Gomoku is a fun logic game that you play against artificial intelligence in Gomoku classic games. If you love this board game and want to practice, but there is no one to play with it, this program is a great way to play Gomoku against AI for hours and hours.

This app does not include any additional features other than the traditional Gomoku game, so you can play the same game you remember directly on the screen of your Android device. The advantage of this application over other Gomoku programs is that it contains different levels of difficulty, so you can advance in the game by playing increasing levels of complexity.

Try to get five tiles of your color in a straight line and defeat artificial intelligence in exciting games. If you don’t have anyone to play with or you don’t have a Gomoku board, you can still play Gomoku with this app. Just open the program and then start playing as much as you want.