JoiPlay 1.01.701 – Download for Android APK Free

Something that Android has demonstrated, among other things, is that it is a very versatile platform and thanks to that, we can actually manage all kinds of programs or apps, even if they are not originally developed for Android. All thanks to emulators, virtual machines, and interpreters, like JoiPlay.

Android games in different formats

This app is a virtual machine that can adapt the operation of PC or web games within a running environment that includes the interface to manage them. In fact, it is possible to run most games created with Ren’Py, RPG Maker, or Tyranobuilder. It provides a gaming experience that even has built-in cheats, patch support, a virtual gamepad, and support for external gamepads.

This app has a user-friendly method for including games where the user can customize their access, creating a local game library. No additional plug-ins need to be installed unless the game requires them.

There are many games available to run on this app, including some versions of Pokemon not available for Android.