Jewels Adventure MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Jewels Adventure is another match-3 game where you have to put together the right pieces to earn points.

Jewels Adventure differs from other similar games in that in this case you not only have to put the pieces together in groups of three, but also to create shapes by bringing the pieces together to overcome the difficulties of each level. It is possible that one level problem is to create a T from the green stones or match it with the four red ones. The more gems you match according to the challenges, the more points you will earn in each level, and you can move away with a maximum of three gold stars in each level.

The game in Jewels Adventure is practically the same as other games like this: you have to change the location of the two parts in order for one of them to be lined with two or more matching stones. The more jewels you match in one move, the more points you will earn.

Jewels Adventure is another match-3 game – this time very aesthetic and with some innovations that make it a little different from other games.