Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting v0.0.1380 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting will take you back to your fiery childhood. Inspired by classic games, the game brings a lot of nostalgia to all players. In this game you will become the hero of the Allied war, hurry to destroy the evil Nazis, save your teammates and preserve world peace. Use the skills and high level of tactical thinking to perform the tasks in the best way.

Jackal Group - Arcade Shooting Jackal Group - Arcade Shooting


It’s not a very new game yet, but Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting still has its way to attract players. Your job is simply to drive your jeep, move boldly, and destroy all the enemies in the enemy base. Then look for captured teammates and continue to rescue them. Use your agility to avoid your opponent’s attacks. Protect your health until you defeat all enemies and destroy the electric gate; you will win.


You will receive additional support items when you defeat enemies or destroy buildings and relief boxes. Health potions will help restore some of your lost health, and shields will help protect you for some time; special bullets will help increase damage in shootings,…

Jackal Group - Arcade Shooting Jackal Group - Arcade Shooting


There are over 100 different levels you have to go through. Then the enemy base will be stronger. The enemy will be much stronger. So you need to constantly improve your jeep to eliminate them. Use the proceeds from victories or completed missions to upgrade vehicles. Upgrade your armor to increase the car’s resistance, and upgrade your weapons to increase damage in shootings, as well as help you shoot more bullets.


Your journey in the Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting will pass through many bases set up in different areas. These could include high-tech military zones, jungle bases, desert wars, and even the rescue of hostages at sea; now your Jeep will receive additional support for underwater mobility. This game is completely free and supports offline use, the memory area is also shallow, so it is absolutely worth a try today.