Is-it Love? Gabriel MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Is it love? Gabriel is an “autome” who is responsible for making decisions that will change the course of the story (a sub-genre of visual novels starring a girl, and there are usually tons of handsome men in the mix). But no matter what you do, you will probably have a relationship with one of those handsome men.

Game in Is-it Love Gabriel is a normal one that you expect to see in similar games: you can talk to different characters at different times and make important decisions. The choices you make will change your relationship with the characters of the story that revolves around your first day at Ryan Corp.

It takes energy to move forward in a story. You will regain all your energy every day, although you can watch (or pay for) ads to earn some extra energy points and continue playing on the same day. From the main menu of the game you can also see all the scenes and pictures that you have previously unlocked.

Is it love? Gabriel is an ‘otome’ that combines a really interesting story, characters, great visuals and a long story with many different love interests. Another great game from 1492 studio.