Instagram MOD APK v234. (Unlocked) –

Instagram is a social network that allows you to share photos and videos with your friends around the world.

About Instagram

It is one of the most popular social networks that attracts billions of people today, including many celebrities, football stars, singers, actors … both you and I.

With a few touches, you can instantly share your daily moments with your friends and family. The program also helps you edit and manage images as quickly, simply and visually as possible. Before downloading this program, we will introduce you to some of the outstanding features provided by this program.

Easily download and register

You can quickly download and install Instagram via the links below. To get started, you’ll need to use email, username and password to create an Instagram account. You can then add Instagram to your Facebook account.

The application will automatically search and Facebook will invite your friends to use Instagram. Congratulations, you have become a member of the Instagram community. Let’s start by posting the first picture and wait for everyone to like and comment.

You can optionally set your account as public or private. When your account is Personal, only people you allow can view or view your photos and videos.


After many edits, the application’s interface has finally become more harmonious and more casual. The design with two primary colors, white and black, clearly focuses on the photos, making them more prominent. You will like it.

Edit and share your photos

If you don’t want to select a picture from the gallery, you can click the Camera button in the bottom corner to take a picture. Then select the Lux tool to adjust the light. Personalized options such as brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows … This makes your photos more beautiful and shiny. Alternatively, you can select some features, such as Structure or Tilt-Shift. This is great.

Comes with over 40 effect filters for free to edit and decorate your photos. You can use retro effects, granular black and white and so on. you can choose. What do you expect when you have a beautiful photo? Allow it to be posted on your personal page.

Some other features

  • Post photos and videos you want to share or save on your personal page.
  • Share your photos and videos in Stories. Instagram does not limit the number of photos and videos.
  • Send photos and videos as a temporary message on Instagram Direct.
  • View and comment on photos of everyone, including celebrities.

Share your videos

Instagram helps you create videos from your photos. If the Vine app only allows you to create a video in 6 seconds, then Instagram’s maximum is 15 seconds. You can select one of 13 filters and preview it without waiting for it to be displayed.


Like Facebook, Instagram offers similar Stories to help you share your daily moments or special photos. It will be deleted automatically after 24 hours, so you don’t have to be too careful with the picture. Alternatively, you can stream the video live to chat with your friends and family.