Ingress Prime 2.89.1 – Download for Android Free

Augmented reality games received a tremendous boost after the successful release of Pokémon GO. And precisely Niantic, the company behind the development of the latter, the party in charge of another title within this genre. We’re talking about Ingress Prime a game that manages to stay well away from those collectible creatures to take us to a futuristic sci-fi universe.

A science fiction game that takes place in the real world

The game’s plot revolves around the discovery of the so-called Exotic Matter (XM), a resource that has unleashed the war between two factions an in which you’re going to be completely immersed. With the help of your Ingress scanner, you can take part and join the side in which you believe.

  • Choose a side and take part in the war. With the aid of the Exotic Matter, you can make mankind evolve and discover the destiny of the Enlightened.
  • Locate rewards with your device and obtain the energy necessary to survive.
  • Explore the surrounding world and interact with places of interest for the story such as public buildings or monuments.
  • Conquer territories by linking portals in order to put them under the control of your faction.
  • Create strategies and communicate with other agents in your neighborhood and the rest of the word.

In this game, you’ll have to compete with players from your town or area and interact with the physical environment that surrounds you.