iHeartRadio 10.11.0 – Download for Android APK Free

In iHeartRadio, you can find all types of music, a wide range of podcasts, playlists and radio shows, regardless of genre. In short, you can find everything you want to hear from almost any country iHeartRadio. In addition, thanks to the platform’s daily recommendations, you will be able to discover new styles and artists.

This is a free service for Android devices Stream and listen to unlimited music from any user or association, as well as other types of audio content such as news, radio shows, podcasts or sports broadcasts.

No matter what mood you are in or what content you are looking for, there is no better platform to search for what you will listen to.

Key features:

As soon as you install the program, you will be surprised to see a wide range of available content, everything is sorted correctly and simply:

  • This allows you to adjust access major radio stations from all over the world, regardless of music or any other genre: news, sports, comedy, etc.
  • This includes thousands of local AM and FM radio stations.
  • Podcast fans will be able to listen to their favorite podcasts, save them as favorites, and even download them for offline listening.
  • You can listen manually selected playlists songs organized by genre, mood, type of activity or decade.
  • Each user can create their own music stations based on their favorite performers and genres from a library of millions of songs.

Updates to the latest version

  • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

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