Idle Wasteland 1.0.300 for Android

Idle Wasteland is a click that combines almost every element that makes this genre so popular. However, it doesn’t stop there, as it innovates by incorporating RPG elements and offering a post-apocalyptic story that isn’t super unique, but works perfectly with the simplicity of the game.

You can manage the survivors of the nuclear apocalypse in search of the last remaining fortress in the world, “Oasis”. Your hero moves automatically at different levels of the game and only stops when he encounters an enemy (he will also attack automatically). Each attack uses endurance, and your role here is to click on the screen to fill the endurance bar as quickly as possible.

For each enemy you destroy, you will gain experience and coins, which can be invested in improving your character’s various features, as well as attacking faster and stronger, reducing the time it takes to fill a endurance bar, or withstanding more blows before falling to the ground.

Idle Wasteland is a game that turns the traditional click game into a more dynamic game. Anyone who enjoys games like Fallout Epic or Metro will definitely love this game.