Idle Sword Clicker v1.55 MOD APK (Unlimited Ruby) Download

Ego Sword: Idle Sword Clicker (MOD, Unlimited Ruby) is a classic blank RPG game with over 60,000 levels, over 10,000 equipped outfits, and more.

Real random games are easy to do, because the game does not require much in terms of production techniques. The designer does not need to have the advanced technology of the graphics engine, first of all, to have characters who have a significant impact on the appreciation of creativity. Therefore, many small game manufacturers use it as a step to develop the gaming market. Ego Sword: Idle Sword Clicker is one of Betdon’s best entertainment products. They received a lot of praise and 4.2 rating reviews from players on Google Play. Therefore, it was a great motivation for the game maker to offer many interesting names. It’s all about simple games and entertaining swordsman games for players.

Ego Sword: Empty Sword Clicker (MOD, Unlimited Ruby)

Nostalgia retro pixel graphics

Ego Sword: The Idle Sword Clicker provides the most engaging experience when players are allowed to fight continuously to improve themselves. We can also see this as a role-playing game, because the process of power development and diversification is freely chosen by the players. You will not depend on any factor. You are even allowed to change the look and clothes you show in the game.

In fact, this game uses 2D Pixel graphics, so it does not pay much attention to details. However, even the smallest changes in the design are presented so that players can recognize it immediately. Indeed, this is a success in the design of the creative team. Another difference is that this game comes from a publisher based in Korea. Character images, skill effects, as well as equipment are made in the Korean style. If you are a little careful, you will find it completely different from Japanese or Chinese products. The matches will bring a nostalgic experience to remind you of the game period on the hand console 20 years ago.

Ego Sword: Empty Sword Clicker (MOD, Unlimited Ruby)

More than 200 types of swords

The story begins with a young man who has a passion for swordsmanship and always wants to be one of the strongest swordsmen in the world. That is why he began his adventure with a sword, fighting in the most extreme conditions, facing the most terrible monsters. During this process, this person will constantly develop his strength and include the power of his swords. To make you stronger, you need to have a weapon that matches the power you have. With the nature of an empty click game, the character’s development potential Ego Sword: Idle Sword Clicker is almost limitless. All you have to do is touch the screen, FIGHT and UPDATE! FIGHT AND OFFER! Again and again.

Ego Sword: Empty Sword Clicker (MOD, Unlimited Ruby)

Touch the action with a sense of excitement

The characters in the game themselves have a kind of power called Talents. They are powerful things to improve your potential; this type of indicator directly affects your fighting style and endurance. Each of the ordinary characters will have six different talents, and players can choose to improve their abilities first in order to maximize one aspect of their strength. With the newly modified Talent system, players will have more options than ever before.

Along with the Talent System, Skillset has always been a factor in making the RPG brand so. While the Talent System gives you power, Skillset allows you to use control properly in your battle. Players must have a variety of options for how skills affect each other, how to avoid an opponent’s attack, and how to maximize damage to them. Keep in mind that a high power source cannot completely defeat an opponent, the use of analytical skills is the key to power optimization, and you are in control.

Ego Sword: Empty Sword Clicker (MOD, Unlimited Ruby)

Features that make Ego Sword: Empty Sword Click attractive are the action scenes, which are extremely satisfying. It is also your character who uses the Attack weapon, which is a rival in “Dancing of Swords”, when you constantly click on the screen. Continuous attacks with powerful photo effects that hurt the opponent will make the player feel like a player using a weapon. In addition, the game also gives players hundreds of different swords that you can open and use in battle. The players entering the game are not really lonely, because they have the most reliable friends. Your friends will always help, talk and make the game more interesting.