Idle Galaxy MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Idle Galaxy is an incredibly completely empty clicker to be the creator of the universe in an endless adventure. If you love clicks and want to enjoy the story of creation, this game is for you. Here you can spend a lot of time discovering a new planet and discovering the details of some well-known galaxies.

You will start the adventure with a small sun that you have to feed to grow it. Each time you add an upgrade, it will grow and become stronger. You can help it grow by touching the screen as quickly as possible; each tap gives you energy you can reinvest in your star.

In this intergalactic adventure, you can add planets to your galaxy after reaching the maximum level of your celestial body. In order to obtain a giant constellation and a whole universe full of elements, you must ensure that your planets reach the largest possible size. This is the only way to get a beautiful and bright galaxy.

You need to expend enough energy to complete the level bar to level your entire profile. After raising the level, you can continue to add until you gain extra energy and unlock other elements. In the Idle Galaxy, you can observe your galaxy from afar and enjoy watching it grow through your telescope. Have fun watching this fun game expand your creativity and discover new unknown horizons.