How Well Do You Know Me? MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

How well do you know me? is a fun quiz game that tests how well you know your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend.

To play, first enter the names of the two players. After that, a player answers a series of questions. In the basic version, the questions are quite simple. In the premium version, the questions are a little more risky. For example, in the main version, “What is my favorite color?” you will see questions like. and “Which animal do I look like the most?” You can choose one of four options for each question. After answering all 15 questions, it is your partner’s turn. He will be asked to guess the answer to each question. When you finish, you will see a percentage that shows how well you know each other.

After answering the questions, you can test again with a new partner. Or you can take a new test with new questions.

How well do you know me? is an original and entertaining game. The essence of the game and the simplicity of the controls make it an easy game, which practically guarantees a night full of fun and laughter.