Horror Brawl 1.0.9 for Android

Horror Brawl is the king of battles with up to sixteen players. It is based on the world of Keplerians horror games, which include the epics of Ice Scream, Evil Nun and Mr. Meat. Here you will choose your character from one of the familiar faces of the sagas and fight against other players to collect magic crystals and try to escape from the stage before the rest. However, only one will be able to win the game through the portal.

Controls in Horror Brawl are simple. You can control your character’s movements with your left thumb, and you can control the camera with your right thumb and aim your current weapon. There will also be a bend button on the right side of the screen (perfect for not making noise) and a button to better target your weapon (if you find any of the different weapons in the game). As always, you can find all the weapons and other items you have collected at the bottom of the screen.

You can choose the character you want before starting the Horror Brawl round. You will be able to choose between J, Charlie, Rebecca and William, each with a special ability to distinguish them from the others. As soon as the game starts, of course, everyone will have the same opportunities. Your main goal is to find four magic crystals that will allow you to become one of the most terrifying creatures like the Evil nun and scare your opponents. Once you get rid of all the other players, you will be able to easily go through the portal and win the game.

Horror Brawl is an incredibly entertaining action game that combines the “King of War” game with elements of asymmetrical horror games such as “Dead by Daylight” and “Identity V” to present a truly original experience. The game also has excellent visuals and graphics in line with the quality we expect from Keplerians; a studio that continues to release better and better games.