Hollywood v12.12.2 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited cash, stars ) Download

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (MOD, Unlimited Stars / Cash / Level) will bring a sincere and luxurious life experience and important life decisions of a Hollywood actor.

Today, television programs bring artists, athletes or models … closer to the audience through entertainment publications such as fashion shows. People love them even more for the contributions of talent and artists to society. As for the name, no one knows Kim Kardashian – a famous character of reality shows, an American model and a businessman that everyone is interested in and looking for. Fashion brands, TV shows or movies always want to work with him because of the passionate expectations that his name never cools. Not surprisingly, the game development industry also wants to use its name to be known to everyone. Today I will present you that game.


KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD is a game developed by fashion designer Glu Mobile, which was launched in 2016. The game is named after a famous real life character in Hollywood. There is a franchise bearing his name and now the game uses it as a title for the game on his behalf. The game made a lot of noise, partly due to Kim’s name, and the rest is the real content and entertainment that the game offers to players. The content game, which simulates the famous Hollywood star, is available on two platforms: iOS and Android. Join this game to discover the great things the game brings.


With the name of the game, you partially understand where this game will take you. Yes, this game will allow you to live the life of a real Hollywood star. This game is very suitable for those who want to learn how to live and live with Hollywood idols. Starting from this game, you will be an unknown normal person, but you will see Kim Kardashian, a famous and well-known person. You are one of his idols. And you wonder how famous you can be like him. The answer will be in this game. The way to become an A star requires you to work hard and do a lot of good things to have a lot of fans. Serving in bars, waitresses in restaurants, washing dishes are the first steps you will have to work hard for … Don’t worry too much when doing things that can be stellar. The game will design encounters for opportunities to integrate the above intense work. Make sure you realize that you have the opportunity to move step by step towards your dreams of participating in fashion catwalks, becoming an actor and gradually settling into your career. Although difficult and expensive, the activities the game brings are important to bring you experience and bonuses. In addition, you will be appreciated if you perform your tasks well and help to increase your level in the game very quickly.


Having gone through many hardships in the beginning, now that you have gained a certain reputation, your life is very new and rich. In addition to hours of hard work and hard work, you can reward yourself with a trip to Los Angeles to have fun in celebrity clubs. Here you not only have fun, but also have the opportunity to expand your relationship with other celebrities. Now that the life of a Hollywood star has really begun, you will travel to famous places, from restaurants, discos, bars, theaters to the red carpet, dressed in magnificent clothes, and attract everyone’s attention. The work will not end there. When you play up to level 14, the game map will open a new arena called Reykjavik. Now you have the level to open your favorite club.
Life without love relationships is tiring. There will be handsome actors you choose to meet at KIM KARDASHIAN. These children will appear at large gatherings, choose someone who suits your interests, and begin to meet him. In addition to the imaginary pink life, the game depicts the dark corners and dark sides of the entertainment industry. Being a Hollywood star is not easy; you will encounter scandals, false rumors and anti-fans who are ready to hate you at any moment.


The game is KIM KARDASHIAN, but the player will not play the role of Kim. But instead, Kim is an idol who takes you into the world of entertainment. So you will be yourself with character personalization, skin, hairstyle and style of clothing to suit your taste. The fashion trend in the game is updated by world fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. Choose beautiful designs for yourself so that you can walk confidently on the red carpet and in the center of attention of all eyes. If you are a fan of Ms. Kim or just a person who wants to find a fun fashion game, the game is something you should not miss. Download this exciting game immediately to have fun.