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Like many other publishers, Netdragon Websoft Inc. wants to launch a MOBA game for mobile gamers. This is only understandable because this game genre has dominated the market so far. Heroes evolved is the leading producer of this publishing house. The game will take players to a fantasy world where there are many powerful characters.
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Hundreds of unique and carefully crafted characters

For games that use fantasy elements, characters should have different powers. They will bring unique and interesting battles. Each character will have a special skill system for you to use in battle. Basically, the heroes in the game are divided into 3 main groups. Strength, Agility, Intelligence are the characteristics when using these units in the game. They determine the style of items built throughout the game and the style of combat. Heroes Evolved will offer the presence of extremely famous and familiar characters such as Sun Wukong, Odin, Anubis … All of them are representatives of their classes with unique skills that show their role in the game.
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A classic 5v5 MOBA game with lots of fantasy elements

Currently, for many players, they are very familiar with the game of this MOBA genre. You will choose a hero and then fight your opponent. Finally, you have to attack to destroy the base by killing the enemy troops and even gaining power by killing the enemy. The main goal of this game is to destroy the enemy base. Kill the enemy, you will get a lot of gold to buy powerful items to suppress the opponent. You are stronger than them, when you destroy the building and win, your opponent can hardly resist. This game style will have different customization depending on the different modes. In general, you will have to continuously fight with other players until the match is over.
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Very unique game modes

In addition to the classic 5v5 mode, the game also recommends many different combat methods. Thanks to these modes, your game is no longer boring. Players can constantly change their game to refresh after matches with the replay mechanism. With 3v3 mode, the map will be smaller, and you have a higher chance of clashing with opponents. Those who want to test their individual skills should play 1v1. Here you have to face one person in solo format. Usually this format has its own rules where two people fight against each other. But if you want to decide whether to win or lose, you can still destroy the enemy base.
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Ranking mode and level distribution

Thanks to the popularity of LOL, all subsequent MOBA games aim for a ranked mode to divide players. First, players will compete against players of the same level as themselves. Then, with consecutive wins or losses, you will be leveled down or leveled up, depending on your level. The better you play the game, the higher your rank will be. Moreover, after reaching certain ranks, players can also win valuable gifts from the manufacturer.
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Simple but fair game rules, skills are always emphasized

Those familiar with MOBA games are surely familiar with the term meta. This is a common tactical trend because it is very powerful and more effective than other tactics. This is partly due to the ability of the heroes causing the difference in power. To prevent this from happening too often, Heroes Evolved is always looking for a way to balance things out. Skills that are too strong will get nerfed and weak skills will get buffs. In general, you will enjoy the game without any hindrance to your tactical creativity. You have to dig deep into how heroes work and learn what works best. If players have good experience, they will reach their level quickly.
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Connect with friends around the world

There are many players from different regions enjoying Heroes Evolved. It is a multiplayer game because there are as many players as possible. If you want to have friends who can coordinate well, you need to be quick friends with those who have just played with you. Chit-chat, team building, clan system building … will happen in real time. It means everything you want with a game. Invite your friends to your matches and level up together. Or you can invite them to enter 1v1 solo mode to test each other, practice together to level up.