Hamster Town – Apps on Google Play

A game where you deliver candy to your favorite hamsters by drawing lines!
Collect stars and invite all kinds of animal friends by finding the best ways to solve puzzles to build and expand your hamster home!

■ How to Play
Give the hamsters candy as you like.
There are hundreds of ways to solve each puzzle. Collect more stars by finding the best way to solve each puzzle. ◝ (・ ω ・) ◟

■ Game Features
Although simple and fun to play, this puzzle game is not limited to difficulties.
Hamster life: just looking at these sweet little furry balls will heal your mind.
Collect stars to expand and decorate your hamster home.
Earn sweet rewards by raising and playing with your hamsters!

※ Warning of excessive sweetness! ※
Excessive sweetness of a hamster can cause some players to freeze their brains (* • ̀ᴗ • ́ *) and ̑

■ In-game ads and in-app products.
■ Note that data will be deleted when games are deleted. Deleted data cannot be recovered.