Haircut prank, fart & air horn MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Are you a humorist?
If you love polishing games, these haircut prank apps: air horn, fart sounds app are just what you need! The best polish apps with over 200 funny sound effects, a MUST HAVE application with a humorist!
A good trick is to play a trick with someone who is meant to be funny, but not to cause harm or harm. A few strolling sounds that make everyone laugh: humming noises, scary noises, hair clipper prank shaving, car noises ….
Want good funny pranks on friends? You can not go wrong with these hair clipping brushing apps: air horn, shaving prank app. With over 200 sound effects: annoying noises, simmering sounds, hooters, hair clippers, car noises to polish with friends, make noise, and so much more!
Key features of haircut prank, fart and air horn:
15+ prank sounds category: razor, razor, air horn, doorbell
More than 200 funny sound effects: simmering sounds, scary sounds, flushing toilet, broken glass …
Simple and easy to use
Add to favorite and share
Play prank sounds automatically
High quality prank sounds
100% free
List prank sounds for the application:
Air horn and siren sound đź“Ż
Hair clippers / shaving brush
Fark sounds đź’©
Gun sounds
Engine sound
Scary sounds
Toilet flush
Woman coughing and sneezing
Man coughing and sneezing
Baba nies
Breaking glass

Hair clipper joke shaver, funny razor:
Turn your appliance into a razor blade to make a shaving brush. A funny hair clipper joke shaving with friends. This hair clipper prank shaving app can perfectly simulate the sound of the right hair clippers, razor. You can use this hair clipper joke shaving app to troll your friend when they are not paying attention to you. And they will frighten your troll.
Air horn and siren sounds:
This funny air horn and siren sound app offers you the most realistic, popular and loudest air horn, siren sound: police sounds, doorbell, car sounds. Just choose the right sound effect for you and enjoy it.
Bold sounds, fart noise:
Hide your phone at someone’s chair, and go far enough away to look innocent when the humming sound catches the attention of everyone in the office. Stay dignified and hospitable, strolling.
You can also play the noise in an elevator or a crowd to troll everyone there.
Scary sounds:
Scare everyone with the scariest sounds ever. You can use the sounds to scare trick-or-treaters before they even reach your door or scare your friends for a good laugh.
Break sounds:
Troll your friends with breaking glass. These sounds make it easy … simply play a glass-breaking sound in the next room and the possibilities are endless.
Man coughing, woman coughing – Man sneezing, woman sneezing, baby sneezing, burp:
Play the sounds and make a joke with your friends who have someone in the house and ask them to check it out. Or use the sounds when you call your friends and tell them you have a bad flu.
This application contains many doorbell sounds for you. You can even use these unique doorbell sounds to play a harmless joke with your friends and family.

Funny joke noises: funny joke apps have too many brilliant sounds that are all free: Fret noises, Police sirens, scary sounds, Engine sounds, Doorbell, Car noises and Burping. You might want to look into it.
If you want all these amazing sounds: shaving brush, burp, glass break, razor, toilet flush, now download the hair clipper prank, fart and air horn and enjoy your stroll.
This hair clipper prank, burp, breaking glass is one of the best joke apps ever with high quality sounds and 100% free to use. Download now!

Haircut, simmer and air horn

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