Hair Salon: Fashion Games MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Hair Salon: Fashion Games is a fun casual game where, as a player, you accompany a friendly hippopotamus in your daily life at a barber shop offering customers washing, cutting, styling and shaving services.

Hair Salon: Before you start playing Fashion Games, you need to choose which customer you want to serve. This way, you can browse the list of clients, each with their own hair and beard style, to give them the unique and different touch they are looking for. But whether this hairstyle is flattering or catastrophic is entirely up to you.

After choosing the theme of your hairstyle experiments, the fun part of the game begins: you will have several cutting tools, with the help of which you can remove all the locks at once. With the scissors tool, you can cut hair lengths and try different hairstyles until you find what you want. If you find that you have lost your job, you can easily restore the hair by rubbing hair restoration on the client. Finally, you can curl your hair or straighten it with a curling iron and hair straightener. Then, you can move on to the hair color and accessories area to complete the overall look change.

Hair Salon: Fashion Games is a fun hairdressing game that allows you to play with your customers’ hair as much as you want without losing anyone’s self-esteem.