Gridpunk 0.7.00 for Android – Download

Gridpunk is an isometric multiplayer multiplayer game where you can meet other players over the Internet in exciting 1v1 duels. The goal is to reach three points: to win the first competition by defeating his opponent three times.

Gridpunk’s control system is very simple. With your left thumb, you control the movement of your character, and your right thumb is used to shoot and use various skills in your hand. Normally, the main attack is carried out with your rifle, but you can also use, for example, sword blows or shotgun attacks.

Between battles, players are allowed to equip new skills and improve existing skills. To do this, you need to open the boxes, inside of which you will find all sorts of random updates. By winning several consecutive duels, you can also raise the level in the league you play in.

Gridpunk is a good multiplayer game that offers crazy duels that only last a few minutes. Demonstrate your skills to competitors from all over the world as you struggle to reach the top. The game also has an excellent graphic design and a very attractive cyberpunk aesthetics.