Google Assistant 0.1.452181178 – Download for Android APK Free

An Android app called Google Assistant? This should definitely be a joke, because it’s already on my smartphone and tablet. Yes, but no. This assistant from Google Assistant offers us A shortcut to Siri developed in Mountain View. In other words, it offers us another alternative to unlocking Google Now’s cousin, this time in a more direct way, although you can continue to access it using the popular “OK, Google” or just by clicking the Home button we can. of our device for a while.

Communicate with your phone in an easier, faster and more automated way.

Thanks to this tool you will be able to Interact with your Android artificial intelligence via simple voice commands and even maintain dialogues with an assistant. Of course, you can also use this app, which is also available for iOS, by simply typing, although we will be able to use it more when we can’t write (while driving). example).

Everything you can do with Google Assistant

  • Make phone calls with voice commands.
  • Send text messages just by saying this.
  • Create reminders of important events and meetings in your calendar.
  • Take photos and selfies without even touching your phone.
  • Read music directly from YouTube.
  • Open Google Maps to get directions to specific destinations.
  • Get weather information and the latest news.
  • Control over third-party applications.