Golmaal Junior BMX Blast MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Puppy took your picture without your permission and now your mission is to delete that picture. Ride your bike in this fun skill game where you have to chase your enemy as far as possible. If you love endless runs, Golmaal Junior BMX Blast is a great adventure to test your skills.

The main character Gopal automatically runs forward so that you can avoid the obstacles in your way. Slide your finger left and right to move in that direction, or up to jump and down to roll on the ground. Every time you go one way, you stay there, so if you need to change course quickly, you need to be aware of obstacles coming your way.

The challenging part of Golmaal Junior BMX Blast is found in the danger you encounter on the road: trucks, road works, tunnels and other surprises you discover as you pedal. Try to move at the right time, otherwise you may hit any of the obstacles on either side.

Plus, you’ll have missions that make the adventure even more fun: collect coins on your journey and upgrade your character’s skills to reach whatever goal you’re asked to complete and go further each time. Avoid obstacles with your bike and don’t let Puppy take your photo in this fun Golmaal Junior BMX Blast.