Golf Battle v1.25.16 MOD APK (Menu/Custom shot amount to auto reach hole ) Download

Golf Battle (MOD, Unlimited Money / Easy Shot) will be one of the most prestigious playgrounds for golf enthusiasts struggling with friends through challenging or humorous courses.

The sport game genre is expanding and becoming more popular and is loved all over the world, and Golf Battle is a free golf game for those who love this sport. With the development of games on mobile platforms, players can play anytime, anywhere, thanks to the compactness and lightness. So, as long as you have passion, you can enjoy this great sport on your smartphone.


Apparently, Golf Battle is familiar to everyone in the world, and it is considered one of the best mini golf games to date. It also gives players a sense of joy with a perfect and enjoyable game. In this wonderful PvP golf game released by Miniclip, you will be invited to a duel with many heavyweight athletes from around the world and will take you to the top in a mini course with beautiful visuals and creativity. In this game you can play golf directly on your phone without going far. With a few simple controls, you can ensure your enthusiasm for the sport. In addition, there are many different game modes for players to experience. Relax your leisure time with classic games such as throwing the ball into the hole with minimal time in a hurry or racing towards the hole.


Golf Battle will allow you to play on beautiful golf courses and play online games against other players from around the world in real time. In the game you will choose to play with 2 game modes, including Classic and Rush. While the classic mode is a traditional game mode where the player hits the hole with as few shots as possible, the Hurry mode gives you a higher tempo and encourages the player to hit the ball faster. But regardless of the regime, your job is to calmly aim and defeat opponents with extraordinary skills. Players must try to understand and remember the rules of the game and the power range. It will be even better when you play up to 6 people at the same time with your friends on Facebook. Plus, you can play and invite your friends to a mini-golf game and win the match and climb to the top of the leaders table. In addition, you can find yourself in different game modes and enhance your gaming experience and even personalize your balls to stay on track.


There are many different areas for players to show their courage in this game. Basically, all the extreme mini golf exercises from start to finish. In addition, players can experience the excitement of challenging their friends in real-time online multiplayer to find out who will be the leader in the mini-court game. Golf Battle games always allow players to play golf in the desert, but the real feeling is in the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy a great game, collect awesome individual balls, show off your great shots in a successful shooting competition and win great prizes. Giant landslides and huge jumps, wild rivers are obstacles you have never seen on a mini-golf course, and your mission is to overcome them. In addition, many other features await you in the game to discover and expand your vision.


Of course, strategies and tricks are the most important factor in completing a task quickly in any game. This mini-golf game is not a real professional golf game, but a unique simulation for players to practice. Players must use the walls and hills available in the Golf Battle to access the most optimal positions. It also allows you to jump off the stage as long as your ball is not outside the walls. Players should note that the amount of force applied to the shots is not the same; sometimes your goal is wrong and you can push it beyond your boundaries. Also, it can take a lot of time and experience to shoot professionally and accurately; try not to use maximum force, instead reduce the force a little and adjust the direction of the shot. However, when players choose to play one of these modes, they should always pay attention to each of their balls and not be too risky. This mini-golf game is perfect for you to imagine; Combining many levels will be an entertaining game for you with many challenges. Dynamic 3D graphics mode, along with a very attractive gameplay, promises to be the best experience that players can enjoy in a game they don’t have. It also includes maps, colors, clothes, and more. updates weekly new content to entertain everyone around the world.