Godus MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Godus 22 Cans is a real-time strategy game developed by Peter Molyneux Studios and the creators of games such as Dungeon Keeper and Black and White.

In Godus, as in Black and White, players control a god whose goal is to make the lives of their followers easier, thus seeing them grow, grow, develop, settle, and, of course, conquer. That is, players can not interfere directly.

Godus is a “god simulator” where the player’s main strength is changing the terrain. By leveling the lawns, you can turn the area into a perfect living space for your viewers, and reducing the slope on the mountain will make new areas more accessible.

There are two main sources for a good god on Godus: his followers and the faith in him. You need to give them a place to build a house and get married in order to get more than before, but you also need to go one step further so that they have more confidence.

Godus, which is also available for the desktop, is an amazing game in many ways. Visually, this is probably one of the most beautiful looking games on Android, and it proves that the game adapted to the touch screen is very entertaining.