GO Keyboard 3.62 – Download for Android APK Free

One of the greatest virtues of Android is that it allows us to customize up to the slightest detail of the user environment, and the keyboard isn’t an exception. Among the different options available, we can make use of the excellent GO Keyboarddesigned to reduce writing mistakes while it also increases our typing speed.

Speed, correction and fun when it comes to writing.

The truth is that we’ll write faster, and betterthanks to the suggestions that will appear on the upper part of the keyboard as we punch in different characters. We’ll also be able to use emoticons, themes and layers that will not only make our writing more efficient, but also more amusing.


  • Supports more than forty languages.
  • Predictive writing.
  • Several text input modes.
  • Over a hundred customization layers and themes.
  • Adaptable to several different screen sizes.
  • Support for tapping and gesture typing.
  • Wide range of emoticons.

Experience in Android customization

GO Keyboard offers you the experience of its development teamthat was in charge of creating one of the best Android launchers, as is GO Launcher. This application launcher is one of the user favorites and this keyboard is not far short.