Go! Dolliz 1.50.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Downloading the APK of this colorful program invites us to turn any mobile phone into a very special toy box. And here, we will succeed Open surprise packages to get dolls and tons of accessories. But this is just the beginning.

Large-headed and very realistic dolls

Get! Dolliz is Doll simulator in 3D We can collect five different large dolls and tons of clothes and fashion accessories. But the best part is that all this comes from a very realistic surprise package. So, we open small packages at home.

But there is room for more than just collecting on this platform. Once we have the dolls, clothes and accessories, we will go to the closet, there Try different outfits. Once we are satisfied with the result, it remains to take a photo session to perpetuate the result.

Amazing virtual 3D toy dolls that you can take out of the box, collect and wear!

Finally, this game is included four different (and very sugar-coated) mini-games from different genres. All this creates technically bright, pastel-colored proposals, which will be especially popular with littluns.