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The latest version of the Great Strategy War 2017 game, The Way to Glory It will debut soon to celebrate Christmas and bring a better gaming environment to players.

For several decades of King Edmund’s reign, the Kingdom of Glory was peaceful. But the king’s younger brother was greedy for the throne, and he even decided to start a war to usurp the throne, because King Edmund’s son would soon inherit the throne. In order to win the war, he signed a contract with the Night Demon, the lord of the demons. He sold his soul to the Night Demon, earning many Wights in return.
Eventually, King Edmund died during the war and handed over his throne to the prince before he died. Since then, the new king has a heavy responsibility to fight his uncle and also the Wights, rebuild his homeland and revive the kingdom …

Unlike traditional simulation games, this game has more strategy and development elements. In the game you can build your own territory, gather troops, develop weapons, train dragons and fight with different heroes and even gods. Like traditional simulation games, it has a siege system. In addition, it has many elements of war, including adventure, military training, Dragon Treasure, the battle for capitals, the battle for the throne, and more. The game also has various mechanisms to increase alliance and player interaction, such as the Magic Garden. Just start playing with players from all over the world.
We work hard to make the game environment fair. We have just added a limit to the kingdom level, as well as many new ways to earn gold and other resources for free.

Games and Functions
** Real-time Translation System **
The conversation system supports real-time translation of all languages ​​to eliminate communication barriers.

** Global Competition **
Players from all over the world will compete in 7 capitals around the throne.

** Kingdom Level **
In fairness, players will gradually raise the level of their castles.

** Union Meeting **
Build castles for your unions and expand the territory of your union.
Gather resources with your friends to increase resource production.

** Ammunition **
By repairing your castle, you can win a number of troops directly.
When you lose a lot in a war, you can turn on war supplies to get tons of free resources as compensation.

** Casual PVP **
Compete with players from all over the world at any time to gain fame.
Fights in the arena will not cause casualties.

** Raise dragons **
Hat the Blue Dragons and the Red Dragons to fight them.

** Hire heroes **
Increase the level of intimacy of your legendary heroes to make your troops stronger.


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