Gladihoppers for Android 3.0.2 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money).


Gladihoppers Mod

Jump on a gladiator’s sandals and fight for glory in epic arena battles.

Gladihoppers The mix of 2D physics and ordinary 2D animation is an unusual 2D physics gladiator combat simulator that offers a fun and original game that is completely different from your average gladiator mobile game. The combat system offers two different battle positions for your gladiator, each of which has its own directional attacks with different strength and speed, allowing you to fight more dynamically and interestingly.

In addition to confrontational attacks, there are more than 90 items to personalize your gladiator and grits to throw; swords, axes, clubs, shields, helmets, armor, trousers, gloves and shoes.

Gladihoppers mix retro pixel art 2D sprites with 3D low poly environments to bring you stunning visuals that give you a unique look and immersive gladiator experience.

– Fast battle and long-distance battle with hitboxes for every body part
– Career mode that includes various tactics and ways to bring your gladiator to fame
– ‘Save the Emperor’ Arcade game mode for virtually endless combat experience
– Split screen multiplayer on the same device, including Fast Battle mode for individual and / or random short and fast arena duels
– More than 90 pieces of equipment and 16 different personalities from four populations during the ancient Roman Empire: Romans, Gauls, Nubians and Egyptians
– Seven arenas with their own unique look and feel: Colosseum, Aegyptus, Macedonia, Gallia, Hispania, The Ludus & The Palace


Amendments and Adjustments:
– All non-hidden equipment is now available in Quick Fight mode
– Personalize Strength and Endurance in Fast Combat mode
– Multiplayer connection error (hopefully) fixed
– The error that the blood did not pass to the ragdoll was corrected
– Spy no longer replaces hidden equipment during theft
– If there is an accident during the war, the career is not lost
– The emperor does not give a shield to characters who do not start with another symbol

Gladihopper Apk

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