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One of the most popular open world games!

RPG lovers will definitely love games with large maps where they can freely explore for hours and find all kinds of interesting adventures. These are really incredible games that give you a sense of immersion that you can’t get in other games where the story line is more prominent and going through one after another without missions can be quite boring. not being able to participate in any elections.

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Big open world games like Skyrim or even Minecraft itself are characterized by offering a really big map where you can move around freely and do more or less what you want. Although they have a main story, you don’t even need to complete any of their quests, as you will be able to find your own adventures on the map or simply explore. That’s why now we present to you the new Getta 5, one of the best open world games!

What is Ghetto 5? – Getta 5 APK Free Download

This game will place you in Los Santos, which is essentially based on the American city of Los Angeles. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the Californian environment without leaving your home, and move completely freely on its streets and avenues with any means of transport at your disposal. In fact, you will be able to use any kind of vehicle, because anyone you meet on the street can be robbed using your gangster skills. That’s why this game is so popular!

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As with all previous editions of the game, all you have to do to win is go through the underworld of the city of saints. In this way, your first missions will consist of small robberies or doing some tasks for more prestigious gangsters. But as you gain their respect, you will increase your reputation and get bigger orders.

Hundreds of cars to choose from! – Getta 5 APK Android

All orders will be paid, so as you earn more money you can buy all kinds of accessories for your cars, get tattoos and even buy and decorate your own apartment. So you get to live a true parallel life in one of the best open world games you’ve ever seen, and all for free!

Special mention should be made of vehicles, which are the main characters of the game and will allow you to travel around the city enjoying all kinds of music stations and detailed reproductions of hundreds of different vehicles. If you like sports cars or jeeps, you will definitely be able to build a good collection in this game!

Features – Getta 5 APK latest version

  • open world game. With this game, you can enjoy a large number of adventures as it has a large map where you can do practically anything you want.
  • The map is bigger than ever. The game’s map is much larger than previous editions and it is full of secondary adventures and interesting stories that you can discover during your games.
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  • hundreds of cars. You can choose from hundreds of different vehicles that will allow you to explore the world of Getta 5, be it a convertible, a sports car, a Jeep or a truck, or any other vehicle of your choice.
  • ultra realistic graphics. The graphics of the game were already good in the beginning, but now they have become even better and make it really easy for you to enjoy the realistic environment that you have never seen before during your games.

Getta 5 APK Free Download Latest Version for Android

Have fun like never before with the new Getta 5 and enjoy all the adventures of Los Santos, now with a bigger map and dozens of secondary adventures!

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