Get Supercar 3D APK for Android

Get Supercar 3D – this is a simple arcade runner where you have to drive different cars and pass tracks over them, collecting points along the way. Here you will find the classic mechanics of racers, where in fact you only need to change the direction of the car to avoid crashing into obstacles. The main difference is that you only have to pass levels and not set records. In each stage, there is a certain road in front of you, which is divided into two lanes. Randomly, these lanes have walls marked with the amount of money you’ll get if you go through them. Try to catch only the blue ones, because the red ones, on the contrary, will charge you a certain amount. So, you will have to collect the maximum amount of money before reaching the finish line, so that you can eventually unlock new types of cars, among them even very expensive and cool models. In addition to paywalls, other obstacles may appear on the way, which must be skillfully avoided!

Features of the game:

  • Simple operation;
  • A large number of different levels;
  • Many car models;
  • Colorful low poly graphics.