Fruit Ninja v3.13.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Fruit NInja players will be able to become ninjas in a short time while cutting swords to prepare different types of fruit used in food before throwing them into the air for a few breaks. Players must have agile fingers to draw blood like a ninja using the sword dance technique. In my opinion, this game is the most accessible smartphone game in the world today to play without thinking or spending a lot of time. Swipe the screen with your hand to get points.


During the game you will see different types of support elements that will help you succeed. These include increasing point bonuses with set timer values, ice bananas that slow down the flight of fruits, and fruit combinations that help you earn more points in a shorter period of time. This is another feature of the recently added Fruit Ninja. This feature is called “Solo” and can be obtained by installing Fruit Ninja on your smartphone. The third option is to invite your friends to the Top 1 competition. Fruit Ninja will be more interesting after using special items to increase your account. Your levels will help you increase your XP, and you will earn stars every time you play. There are many great weapons that you will love to use in this game and many mystical weapons that will help you during your adventure.

Fast and accurate response

Although the game is simple, players will have to use their reflexes and sharpness to earn their highest points. The player’s main goal will be to recognize fruits (peaches, pears, watermelons, etc.) and understand warning messages (bombs). In general, the game process is easy. All you have to do is move your finger on the screen and the knife will move with it. Instead, you can quickly drop the wrong bombs this way. Always hit a fake bomb to lose the game immediately, so choose the method that works best for you. You will get three drops of fruit for each turn, but if you have more than 3 fruits, you will fail.


The game Fruit Ninja can be challenging, but quite exciting, because there are many ways to test yourself in the game. You will encounter fruits that will give you an account bonus and slow down time by doubling the number of sliced ​​fruits. The fruit bowl is full of fruit, so if you cut with your left hand, you can get more points. However, be careful with bombs. If you cut them, they will explode and your search for fruit will end. Sometimes you play badly and start badly, and you waste time on fruit swings that result in a bomb or a bunch of fruit falling on the screen. But don’t worry: Fruit Ninja allows you to play several times, equal to the number of rounds played. Each attempt can be discarded and replaced with a new one that may be more successful. You can earn a star by following and reaching each new level. In addition, if you only look at the required number of small ads, you will collect 100 stars, which will allow you to earn more money. This way, you can cover the cost of painting your knives and frame on the fruit you cut.

A weapon with more stars will be sure to have additional features. You can also use the money to buy abilities such as bright fruits that provide other points or eliminate two bombs without losing any health. Always try to slice the fruit with one finger, keep the view clear and keep the bomb away.


Fruit Ninja is created with bright, youthful graphics, themes based on different fruit images and standard fruit features. The interface of the game is user-friendly and simple. In addition, player preferences can affect slash effects. Using an innovative method, the fruit game was split in half to make it both interesting and easy to see. Starting with the music that excites and intrigues you, the game’s soundtrack (sounds and atmosphere) helps to set the mood. The small half of the fruit also sounds very satisfying. The player will clearly perceive the strength of the coconut and its unique sound when cut.

Because the sounds are so similar, it is difficult to tell the difference between a fruit and a bomb on the screen while concentrating. Look for unique fruits flying in the air during the game and pay attention to them. Defeat a large group of enemies and gain a lot of equipment. Your assignments should help you gain tons of experience, which will significantly benefit your ability to level up. Completely fixed, including minor bugs, improvements and optimizations to make the game as perfect as possible.