Friday Night Funkin’ 0.2.8 build 1

Friday night entertainment It’s a game that was successful in the PC versions in 2010 and adapted for Android by popular demand. Now, more than a decade later, It has been very successful on platforms like TikTok and Twitchwhere thousands of users recreate the game and imitate its moves and dances in the most original videos.

If you still don’t know this, we will tell you that this is a musical game where your mission will be to get a kiss from your girlfriend, but for this you have to convince her father. How? Well, in the most logical way: by singing in rap battles.

Follow the rhythm of the music and defeat all the characters

Apart from the moral component of this approach, here is a game of skill we will have to follow the arrows on the screen to hit the buttons in the right directionto the specified beat, in the style of classic arcade dance machines.

Test your sense of rhythm and win every rap battle.

With our actions according to the rhythm of the music, the character will rap against the father. Also, we won’t have to lose sight of the lower status bar that shows how close we are to winning or losing. Week by week or level by level, we will see how the plot progresses and how our character will have to face new challenges and new battles to continue his fight for love.

Overall, this FnF offers simple and addictive game mechanics that are very easy to follow with good graphics and above all, easy to use controls. If you have any doubts, the tutorial suggests and there are two game modes: a free mode where you will rhyme endlessly and a story mode where you will face characters one after another as long as you can beat them.

Finally, it should be noted that this is an open source game many developers create Mods with their own versions with a story, new characters or different music.

Updates in the latest version

  • A pre-release version of the new stable version coming soon.