Four Kingdom for Android 4.33.57 (Full) Apk + Mod


The Four Kingdoms of the Empire

Empire Four Kingdoms – Fight epic battles, win glorious victories and build strong alliances with thousands of other players on a giant interactive world map. As a king and lord, you are called to build a mighty fortress and control the fate of your kingdom.

Conquer new lands in four exciting kingdoms: Hire an army of brave knights, equip their ruthless armies with deadly weapons, and send them to battle to fight under the banner! Of course, every great empire needs strong defense – choose the right strategy to send your enemy’s army to flee in terror!

Honor, glory and wealth! Win honors and rewards in battle, and move from rags to riches by managing your kingdom wisely. Build your castle from the bottom up so that it is the largest in the country. In many kingdoms, generate resources to expand your empire and trade with other players. More land means more subjects and more gold for you!

Build strong diplomatic alliances: Join your friends and other players to stand up to your enemies and conquer new lands together! Support each other by sending resources or troops, or help rebuild after an attack. United!

This medieval strategy MMO will take you back to a time when power was everything and only the strongest survived. Prove that you have everything you need to be the most powerful and most honorable lord in the whole country!

  • Fight epic battles against countless other players on an interactive world map
  • Build a magnificent fortress to withstand even your strongest rivals
  • Knights, archers, swordsmen, etc. increase your army
  • Build an invincible alliance with your friends and other powerful players
  • Produce and trade stocks to build more than 60 different buildings
  • Regular updates with new content and issues
  • Quick and easy support in your language
  • Now explore the four kingdoms and become a legend!

* This application is completely free to play. In addition, it offers in-app purchases. You can deactivate in-app purchases using your device settings.
This game requires an internet connection.


Be prepared for big challenges and bigger rewards:
– Nomand Invasion is now available with selectable levels of difficulty.
– More balancing changes have been made to the scale of the challenge.
– Celebrate the end of winter with the Spring Night Festival. Collect Spring Flowers to get your favorite new prizes.

Empire Four Kingdoms Apk

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