Forward Attack APK v1.2027 + MOD (Unlimited Equipment + Radar hack) –

The best tactical online multiplayer first person shooter for mobile.

The first person in the Forward Assault tactical game is the Player Shooter against the Player, be the leader of your team and prepare to destroy the enemy team. High quality graphics and fast shooting game.

Forward Assault offers several weapons such as shotguns, snipers, rifles, assault rifles and more powerful weapons to choose from. Choose your side, play as a counter-terrorist to prevent terrorists from planting dangerous bombs, or play as a terrorist trying to destroy your main goal.

Play on strategic and tactical maps and lead your team to victory.

Forward Assault offers you a variety of entertaining and tactical game modes
• Rating mode
(You are fighting a terrorist or a terrorist; the main goal is to place and neutralize the bomb. When you win, you move up to the next rank and climb the rank ladder.)
• Weapon Game
(Team-based mode where you get a new weapon every time you kill. The first player to reach the knife wins)
• Team death game
(Destroy like your enemies and score points, the team with the most points wins when the time is up)
• Sniper team’s death match
(Play team death match, but only sniper rifles with rotation are allowed)
• Infected
(Your team has to fight zombies, but be aware if the zombies turn you into zombies. You have to survive until the time is up to win your team. If everyone gets infected, you lose.)

Spectacular UI, Clans and Personalizations

Many options to personalize your rifles, SMGs, pistols, knives and gloves with beautiful skins.
Get a beautiful looking gold label to differentiate your name from a crow.
Personalize your HUD and create individual games.
Create a clan with your friends and join it and play against other clans in tournaments or battles.

Basic Online FPS Features

• Play as a Terrorist or Terrorist
• Several Weapons – Weapons, Rifles, Hunting Rifles, Knives, Attack Rifles, Snipers, etc.
• Fast Action Tactical Shooting Game
• Incredible Graphics and Sounds
• Real Physics and Effects
Online Multiplayer FPS
• Become a clan leader
• The best PVP shooter on a mobile phone

Are you ready to play against players from all over the world?
Or do you want to play against your friends?

Download NOW and find your battle!