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When the former APK is around

When the past is around is an adventurous puzzle game about love, moving forward, letting go and the joy and pain of everything in between.

This is the story of a 20-year-old girl named Eda.
Like everyone his age, he lost.
He lost his way on a journey to achieve his dreams.
He lost his way in finding love.

Until he met the Owl.

Someone who will help you burn your passion,
a man who will help her find a spark in her relationship,
but also the one who taught him about heartache.

The game tells a bitter-sweet tale between a girl and her boyfriend in a surreal world of memories and timeless rooms. With each collected hint, solved riddles and an open door, the girl will find her way, reveal the secrets between her and her lover, the secrets she already knew.


  • A picture speaks a thousand words.
    Live the story of the game in a beautiful way, not with words or dialogues
    a hand-drawn painting by the famous Indonesian artist Brigitta Rena.
  • A short, sweet and whimsical journey.
    Explore the bitter-sweet tale between a girl and her boyfriend in the Surreal world
    consists of separate rooms of memories and time.
  • Private and everywhere.
    A game about overcoming the past and finding yourself.
  • Solve brain-teasing puzzles.
    Various interesting puzzles to solve and stories to solve.
  • Let the music guide you.
    Atmospheric violin music will accompany you from peaceful days to peaceful days
    the scariest moments.


Fixed a UI error
Edit saved game information
correct the main menu layout

When the former APK is around

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