Flip Master MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Flip Master is a sports game, where you have to jump on a trampoline and perform continuous somersaults. The more somersaults and tricks you do before everything goes wrong, the better your score will be. You can also collect coins that are sometimes visible in the air.

The game in Flip Master is very simple: if you touch the screen, your athlete curls up and begins to spin in the air in order to land on two feet or face up on the trampoline. If you fall face down, over your head, or outside the trampoline, the game is over.

You can use the coins you collect throughout the game to unlock all types of content. There are new settings, athletes and new tricks that you can use during the games. In addition, you can train your athletes to improve their qualities.

Flip Master is an original, lightweight game with excellent graphics and a very realistic physics system. This is an important title for anyone who enjoys Flip Diving, a previous game from the same developers (also available at Uptodown).