Fire Strike 2.84 for Android

Fire Strike Counter-Strike is a multi-player FPS team. In the games, which last about five minutes, the two rivals (terrorists and anti-terrorists) face a medium-sized scenario. The goal is always the same: score more points than your opponent.

Fire Strike-controlled control systems can be completely customized and are very well adapted to touch screens. You choose whether you want to set up automatic shooting or manual shooting; you want to activate the scene by tapping the screen or pressing the button for a long time. You can also choose to change weapons automatically. It’s easy to change the location of the buttons on the screen, you can even set them as you wish for optimal play.

The main game mode in Fire Strike is the classic “team death match”. In this game mode, two teams of five players compete with each other in five-minute matches to finish their opponents as much as possible. With several different maps at your disposal, each has completely different settings. Knowing the layout of each map from the inside is very important for the victory of your faction.

In this kind of game, as always, you will develop and improve your equipment and skills as you progress. Equip your players with all kinds of additional accessories along with the main and auxiliary weapons of each player. Of course, you can personalize each weapon with different skins.

Fire Strike is a super entertaining online 3D shooter with solid graphics and various weapons and switching settings. Thanks to a fully personalized control system, you can also customize the game to your liking.