Figgerits 1.3.3 – Download for Android APK Free

The catalog of puzzle games for mobile phones contains a large number of offers. Many of them offer similar or reworked experiments. But now and then, original and striking headlines with a different base it looks like. Let’s see what the download of the APK file brings us.

The original version of word games

Figerts is one innovative word and riddle game With elements of 2D logic and mathematics. Our mission is to find the code using the output power.

The mechanics are as follows. At each level we will see a secret word at the top of the interface with the letters corresponding to the numbers. Below we have a series of descriptions to get the letters. As you write the answer to each, we will see the letters associated with each number until you complete the entire puzzle and unlock the secret phrase.

The beautiful detail of this title is that the game rewards us with a prize after completing each level. interesting fact related to the solution. We can also review words and descriptions to improve our vocabulary.

It’s not just a game of logic and clever puzzles, but a kind of logical crusade with word games that will blow your mind.

All of this is established a delicious turn in the classic crossword puzzle. No doubt the idea is interesting, and the title contains many puzzles with proverbs, historical facts, or interesting facts to discover.