FGTeeV Goozy 1.1.4 – Download for Android APK Free

are you ready explore the haunted mansion full of slimy monsters who want to make you their next meal? Only you can stop the gelatin invasion with the help of a weapon equipped with very strange powers.

Very slimy first person shooter game.

FGTeeV Goozy is one action, adventure and shooting game FGTeeV has been made viral by YouTuber family. It’s a hilarious 3D FPS set in a house full of slimy creatures that have no intention of leaving.

To do this, we need to go through the house armed with a gun to look for clues that indicate this the place of these slimy monsters. Once settled, we have to hit them until they finish.

The mechanics are simple and very addictive and there are some scares during the gameplay. To play, we move with the virtual joystick to look for traces of the slimy substance. In addition, we must touch different items which we find in landscapes.

Explore a house full of strange technology and slimy surprises as you try to save the FGTeeV family.

After finding one of the invaders, we have to attack with our multi tool or futuristic weapon. This weapon has different powers depending on what you have equipped.

A combination of horror and hide and seek for all audiences, exquisite 3D graphics and simple and intuitive control system This first person shooter is fun. And best of all, the APK file is completely free to download.