Farm Quest 3D APK for Android

Cat Simulator: Farm Quest 3D – this is a fun and adventurous farm cat simulator from Wild Animals World studio. You will have at your disposal a whole farm with different pets and many interesting opportunities and places to explore. Complete the cat missions and enjoy the boring life on the farm! This is not another tamagotchi-style simulator where you have to take care of a virtual pet, but a real adventure quest where you yourself will become a farm cat and go to explore the neighborhood on four furry paws. Meet and chat with the local animals, find and adopt other cats, play, have fun and freely explore the farm. Decide which cat you will be today – an obedient and cute cat or a real storm of the farm. Complete various missions, interact with and help the residents of the farm, earn bonuses and level up by improving your cat. Avoid dogs that can get on your nerves significantly. The game has day and night change, multiple tasks, and the game is full of fun dialogues and exciting adventures.

Features of the game:

  • A large farm and forest to explore;
  • Lots of pets and farm dwellers;
  • Opportunity to gain friends, family and descendants;
  • Various tasks to complete;
  • Colorful 3D graphics.