Family Hotel APK v2.51 + MOD (Unlimited Money) –

Family Hotel: 3 plot-based matching games with new mechanics, memorable characters and interesting side quests. Build the hotel of your dreams and enjoy the romantic story that takes place right in front of your eyes!

Enter the world of Family Hotel, a 3-game puzzle based on the latest romance!
You will turn a ruined village mansion into a high-class family hotel. Play match-3 to clear the rubble and let your imagination run wild as you begin rebuilding the building and return it to its former glory. Enjoy your new hotel life!

Work with the unusual duo behind the Family Hotel, Emily and Max. When co-managers meet for the first time, it is difficult for them to stop long enough to make their vision a reality. As they join forces and work together, they both realize how much it is
are partners. They create a unique mansion design that can make them famous.

Together, they will be able to design, furnish and personalize each room of the hotel. Replace an outdated fountain, add new unique decors and features, and design your new entertaining hotel to accommodate hundreds of guests. All of them will have tasks that you can help complete for additional rewards!

Learn more about each of the characters in the game. Discover the details of Emily’s past and unravel the mystery surrounding Max’s family. Chat with your fans in the lobby and discover one of the richest plots he has ever had in Game 3!

Will your project become a growing business or will it get out of control and fall to the ground? Will you be able to repair a hotel, or is the whole idea a failure? Is love in the air for the two heroes, or will they fight until they part? The future of Family Hotel is completely in your hands!

This is what makes our hotel simulator game unique:
• Refreshing match-3 game with dynamic combinations, romance and mind-blowing power-ups.
• Meaningful romantic choices that actively influence the campaign.
• A duet of mysterious heroes where you can shape your future and destiny.
• Interesting side quests, hotel stories and mini-games that will stick to your phone.
• Ability to equip and decorate the hotel as you wish.
• A whole mansion to discover, restore and decorate as you wish.

Enjoy hotel adventures with our fantastic match-3 set-up game!