Faily Skater MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Faily Skater is a game where you control a guy on a skateboard through the streets of San Fran Faily (a fun parody of San Francisco). The problem? There is no way to stop!

The game is very simple. All you have to do is turn left or right and you can jump and spin in the air by touching both sides of the screen at the same time. If you hit one of the many obstacles along the way, such as a car, your poor skateboarder will fly through the air and make a big scene.

One of the new things in Faily Skater that was not in Faily Brakes (the first game from this developer) is that you can compete with your ghost or shadow, which gives you an incentive to improve even if the ghost is just you.

Faily Skater is a fun and challenging endless runner, so keeping him away is a challenge. In the beginning, as expected, you’ll just have a skateboard and a skateboard, but as you play, you can earn coins and use them to unlock more.