ExoMiner MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

ExoMiner is a click where you travel far from your galaxy to build a settlement in an unknown corner of space. Once there, you will have to discover new elements to create resources and manage your new mining company.

In the beginning, you will have to look at the mechanisms you can use to extract minerals from the ground. You will have a fairly limited budget, so it is important to earn and save coins to later invest in new mining machines.

The game is very easy in ExoMiner. Select from the options in the toolbar below. From here, you can upgrade the equipment you have already installed or hire new astronauts to speed up the mining process. Everything you do is focused on extracting more and more valuable minerals until you become a real space mining magnate.

ExoMiner has excellent graphics that immerse you in the vast world of space. By making connections between the mining machines you acquire, you can make better use of your resources, raise your level, and make more money.