Evil Lands 2.0.0 for Android

Evil Lands is a 3D MMORPG, and even if you share this world with others, it allows you to experience the game as if you were playing an RPG for one player. You will have a chance to see and talk to other players, as well as complete solo missions (no collaboration required).

Control in Evil Lands is really simple and user friendly. The movement virtual bar is on the left side of the screen, and the movement keys are on the right. In the beginning, you will only be able to use the main attack, but as you continue to upgrade, you can unlock new skills.

Each time you upgrade, you will also gain new skills and have a chance to improve some of your features. Vitality, strength, agility and luck will be your main features. Your health and the amount of danger you can pose will depend on them, as well as your ability to deal a strong enough blow to your enemies. The higher your level, the better your weapons and armor.

Evil Lands includes 2 game modes. On the one hand, there is a co-op mode where you can’t attack other players. On the other hand, there is a PVP mode where you can encounter other players in real time. Just remember that you need to reach level 8 to enter this second game mode.

Evil Lands is an excellent RPG with online components, but it allows you to have a solo experience (as in classic RPGs). The game also includes a really well-adapted control system with spectacular visuals and touch screens.