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Evil Hunter Tycoon – Producer Super Planet (Korea) is a game of continuous battle and construction, conflicting survival. Under his favorite mask, there is a story that cannot be more serious about a brutal dictatorship

# New Content_ “Victory Battle”

After the Front Yard of Darkness, this time a fierce battle between the guilds will begin!
A breathtaking battle between hunters with proven skills!

▶ Choose 10 elite hunters with more than 80,000 combat power in the guild!
▶ Organize a guild fighting team so that there are no more than 4 people in the same occupation group!
▶ Strategically place 10 hunters out of 16 nests!
▶ Destroy the opposing team first and win the victory prize!

Now go to the Battle of Victory!

[Game Features]

The Lord of Darkness brought destruction to the world and destroyed everything.
The hopeless survival game of the survivors begins now!

■ Become a mayor!
Manage everything from city construction to Hunter training, sales and training!

■ Gather Top Tank Hunters and protect the city!
There are 4 different classes of hunters visiting the city.
Their Class, Level and Features are random!
You can also invite high-level hunters with items!

■ Strong Hunters strengthen the city. Use the opportunities of the city to train hunters!
[Bounty Hut] Assign hunters to hunt wolves! EXTRA EXP AND ITEMS!
[Academy] Mayor’s Academy opened! Teach hunters skills and secret techniques!
[Enhancement Forge] Repair and replace Hunter equipment!
[Training Ground] Raise the Hunters quickly by training! Be stronger with reincarnation!
[Sanctuary of Resurrection] Develop endlessly with endless reincarnation! Learn special features to make your hunters more special!

■ Various content outside the city! Go to the hunters!
[Dungeon] Travel dungeons for rare materials and treasures!
[Field Boss] Blow the horn !! Call the boss and defeat him!
[Pvp] Fight the Hunters of another city! Be the last to stop!

“The fate of mankind is in your hands!”