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The episode is an interactive story anthology with a variety of content, genres, concepts and parameters to immerse players in many different personalities. Each story has its own potential and gives the player joy, sorrow, pain, doubt, excitement, happiness and so on. gives many complex emotions such as. As players learn more about their destinies and surroundings, new elements will gradually open up to explore. in infinite satisfaction.


When players choose your story for the first time in an episode, a large library welcomes them with unique and popular content. Everything is neatly organized into different categories or genres, and users can access each feature directly to interact with all the stories. While browsing the library, users can connect directly with any stories to learn more about them before diving. Each player can also manage their library by interacting or organizing all the stories they read and will read in the future. They can also bookmark any story in the library, copy it directly to their library, and act as a flexible shortcut. The interaction of players through libraries will always be fluid and elegant to have the best experience when searching for different types of stories.


All of the stories in the episode choose your story, they have different developmental rules, so their structure is solid and comes with multiple rating systems. However, the fate of the protagonist is different in each context, for example, fate, past, personality and many other factors take each story in depth. Players will have to face many options at the same time and find the most suitable way for themselves.

The development of supporting characters also creates a stable plot structure, and the choice of each player is impressive. Each situation faced by a player will have more than two different options. Their results can be positive or negative for the player’s attitude. Over time, the impact of choices will have a significant impact, and the player can freely create his own destiny.


Each story in the episode has a complex character system to diversify the plot structure while allowing the player to choose their story and decide on an attitude. Each character has a dense and flawless development, and their arrival will affect many issues, but players can stabilize everything with a system of choice. The variety of characters allows players to decide on their friendships and choose what they like, either by appearance or interior. Over time, a couple’s relationship will change, whether it is happy or sad, dramatic or tense. The game will also elevate the player’s emotions, including unexpected moments such as adultery or betrayal. In the end, players still have to decide the relationship for themselves, such as letting go and expecting a better outcome from the current outcome, or even creating a new way to find love again.

Spectacular visual and illustrative quality

In addition to the unique development in each story, the visual and graphic quality of the game is also subtle, polished and striking. It makes each character beautiful and impressive in different ways; even their curves, facial expressions and movements are all well established. First of all, the intricate situations in love will be real and vivid in every detail to make the player even more attractive.

Also, thanks to the high image quality, players can create a new character with their designs and personal preferences. Through this design system, players can change their hairstyles, looks, skin colors, faces and many other beautiful features to make the gaming experience spectacular. In the future, the quality of the image will be greatly improved and will stimulate the mood of the player for many unique moments.


The interesting thing about choosing an episode for your story is that they all have small communities for players to join, although they don’t affect the main story line. However, their appearance makes the character more complete and gives players a lot of friendly and meaningful conversations about real life. Many unique and engaging situations will also continue to occur throughout the game, and small communities make a great contribution to the players’ gaming experience. . Choose the visual design of your story in the episode, the depth or content of each story has depth, and there are countless routes for the player to decide. First of all, the diversity of the world’s destiny or context is ideal for the comprehensive development of players in a strange new world. Relationships such as friends or love will also have many unexpected twists and turns, with many promising potentials for players to become the person they want to be.