Epic Conquest 2 MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Epic Conquest 2 is a beautiful open world RPG that offers great anime artwork and the same RPG game found in the Diablo saga or the latest Hades. Here you will play the role of a young warrior as you lead a fast-paced adventure inspired by the best and classic anime. If you are a fan of Asian animation, then you will find that Epic Conquest 2 is a high-quality entertainment that is fun, addictive and full of personality.

In Epic Conquest 2, the game is divided into two different parts: during the exploration units, you can freely explore the vast universe created by Graco Games. There you can connect with both your surroundings and the charismatic characters you meet throughout your adventure. It is during these reconnaissance units that you will be assigned missions that will usually be resolved through combat.

The combat system in Epic Conquest 2 is both fluid and satisfying. You can complete combinations automatically by hitting the attack button and escape using the “dash” button. As the story progresses, your hero will unlock new powers that you can choose from the start menu.

Epic Conquest 2 is an incredibly entertaining game. Although still in development, thanks to its well-designed game, it manages to present great moments of fun.