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Discover one of the most advanced games for ADHD treatment!

Most of the games you can find for Android aim to entertain the players. Therefore, you have at your disposal many great games for smartphones full of fun levels. But there is a second type of game that is not known to most people, because its purpose is to contribute to medical treatment. These games are developed by medical experts, each element of which performs a very specific function and can greatly speed up the treatment of certain diseases.

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This time, the game we present to you is designed to treat ADHD, which makes it difficult for some boys and girls to concentrate. If your kids are in this situation and need to improve their concentration, this game makes it easy to track their progress and make them feel better. It has a whole series of elements perfect for stimulating concentration and performance of tasks that require long-term dedication. For this reason, many families already use this game to complete the treatment of their children.

What is Endeavorrx? – Endeavorrx APK Spanish Free Download

Endeavorrx is a space-themed game designed by attention deficit disorder experts to stimulate concentration in children. All elements of the game, from the difficulty of the levels to the tasks to be performed, through many other features such as colors, sound effects and more, are aimed at facilitating this concentration. Therefore, those who play Endeavorrx under medical treatment may experience improvement in this deficiency.

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The goal of developing this game is to make it a complementary tool for medical treatment that needs to be supervised by experts, so giving your child the game will not be enough to make him well overnight. But play can help you get better without going through medical treatments that make you feel different and worry too much about your attention deficit. That’s why it’s such a recommended tool!

Fun space game! – Endeavorrx APK Android

The theme of the game is based on space and will place players in a universe inhabited by planets, spaceships and all kinds of objects that they need to collect during their adventures. As part of a strategy to encourage concentration, the game has a number of positive and negative stimuli. On the one hand, they will have to collect various items, and on the other hand, they will have to avoid obstacles in order to pass each level.

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Another feature of this game is its interesting 3D graphics, which makes it one of the best looking medical games for kids. Usually medical games focus more on treatment and are quite boring and unattractive, but this time you can enjoy a really great game that even you will want to play!

Features – Endeavorrx APK latest version

  • ADHD Treatment Kit. This game is designed to help treat ADHD and reduce recovery times for your child. Every element of the game is designed to help you focus.
  • Developed by medical professionals. Although the game is programmed by computer scientists, the game itself is developed by medical professionals who pay attention to every detail.
  • space theme. The theme of the game is space, so your kids will have fun exploring different planets with their spaceships and completing all the missions that come their way.
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  • With monitoring tools. If instructed by your doctor, you can turn on the monitoring function in the game, which will allow you to track your child’s activity during the game, which will be useful for further treatment.

Endeavorrx APK Free Download Latest Version for Android

Now you can help your kids overcome ADHD with this fun space game developed by neuroscientists! What are you waiting for to explore this fun treat?

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