Eden: The Game 2022.3 – Download for Android APK Free

Scotland’s arid climate isn’t exactly pleasant to live in, but if you don’t have any resources, things get even more complicated. In Eden: The Game you have to help a small community survive This is a very difficult panorama. Through their hard work and determination, they will be able to grow, mate and live better.

Build, fish, farm and create all the services you need to make the community happy.

Eden’s Target: The Game

  • Build the buildings necessary to survive.
  • The fire is always burning.
  • Look at the animals of the camp.
  • Manage existing supplies: crops, meat, wood, water
  • Make the community stronger.
  • Create objects and tools to make things easier.
  • Decorate the campsite with statues, paths, showers, toilets and more.