Draw Saber 0.1.0 – Download for Android APK Free

The designers of Kayac Studio once again offer us one of the classic simple games relax and disconnect. On this occasion, we are invited to enjoy unusual duels with a certain sense of Star Wars.

Feel like a minimalist Jedi

Pull the saber a a really simple action game with minimalist 3D graphics. Here we will control a doll who receives another dummy in a laser sword duel. Our task is to analyze the attack trajectory of our opponent and draw our attack to defeat him.

The game is very simple and can be played with just one finger. With this finger we will succeed shoot our attack with complete freedom and then look at the movement of the dummy around the parameter, depending on the trajectory we choose. In addition, we have a variety of weapons to unlock.

Draw the trajectory of the sword!

In general, downloading the APK file offers us quite innovative and creative entertainment, which will be especially good for fans of Star Wars. Technically speaking, it is not completely luxurious, The effects and physics brought to the game are very nice.