Drag Racing MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Drag Racing is a unique racing game where instead of taking part in long 3D races across the city, you just race on short tracks in 2D.

The goal in these short tracks is to win (obviously), hit the right accelerator components at the right time, and know how to use the nitro. If you do it well, the race can be over in less than 5 seconds. Although, to reach this level, you will of course need to upgrade your car.

There are more than 50 different cars in the game, which you can upgrade as you earn money in races. You can customize the engine, brakes, color, turbo, etc. you can change. There are many options for upgrading and fine-tuning your car.

The beauty of Drag Racing is that within seconds you will be racing against people from all over the world. This way, your results will be compared with other players’ results and you can compare their scores with yours.

Drag Racing is a fun racing game where you need to use your skills and intuition if you want to lead the world leaderboard.